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A diamond’s Clarity grade is based on the number, size, and location of the imperfections that naturally occur in a diamond. Most imperfections tend to be microscopic and generally do not affect the overall beauty of a stone. These inclusions are natural identifying marks that occur during the diamond formation process. Clarity is graded on a scale ranging from Flawless to Included, and the visibility of the imperfections are graded under 10x magnification.

When selecting a diamond, the buyer will determine if he/she is comfortable with the imperfections in a particular stone, since every diamond will have a different occurrence of imperfections. It is best to assess clarity with the naked eye first, before looping the stone to evaluate the imperfections under magnification. Once a diamond is purchased and set into a piece of jewelry, it is rarely viewed under magnification, so we encourage our clients to make a purchase based on the “naked eye” view.

Internally Flawless
Very, Very Slight Inclusions
Very Slight Inclusions
Slight Inclusions

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Unlike a typical jewelry store or wholesale environment, we work with a network of diamond suppliers to seek out the perfect selection for you; rather than trying to sell a limited on-hand inventory of stones that may not match your preferences. This allows us to be picky for you and to search until we find the perfect diamond!