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At Stephanie Gottlieb, we love to bring new life to your heirloom and unworn jewelry pieces. The idea of jewelry sitting in a drawer receiving no love just does not work for us! Here's an overview of how our process works to redesign your current jewelry pieces.

How It Works

Once you have contacted our team, we will ask you to send us photos and descriptions of the pieces. We want to understand the scale and specifications on the gemstones or diamonds. We encourage you to consider the current quality of the stones. Vintage stones are often weathered; chipped stones are often not able to be reset.

After we've received your photos, details of your expectations, and an established budget range, we will begin to brainstorm design ideas for you. This will include inspiration photos and potentially renders or sketches, which will be finalized and confirmed once we receive the jewelry items from you.

Designing Your Piece

Think about the types of pieces you might want to make:

• Do you want a ring, necklace, earring, or bracelet?
• What vibe are you trying to achieve?
• Do you want something everyday or something to be worn for special occasions?
• Do you want to create one piece? Or multiple pieces?


Please note that some projects are subject to an additional $500 design fee, payable before we move ahead with mockups. Simpler projects do not require this type of fee. This is something we will let you know once we’ve gauged the scope of the project.

Lead Time

Custom projects can take several weeks from start to finish. We generally remove the stones from the original setting(s) to assess the stone sizes and quality before finalizing the details of your project.


We are insured to cover the value of your items while they are in our possession, and while in transit using our shipping labels. We require you to provide an estimated value of the pieces and/or an appraisal or GIA certificate (when available) before sending them to us.


Once your project is complete, we have the option to melt your scrap metal for cash to be applied to the final cost of your project or to return the metal to you. Please note that if you ask us to melt the metal for you, we charge a 15% service fee. Any unused gemstones will be returned to you as well.

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