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The Carat is a measurement of how much a diamond weighs. Each Carat is divided into 100 “points”. For example a half-Carat stone is considered a “50 point diamond”. All else being equal, diamond price increases with Carat weight because larger diamonds are more rare, and thus harder to source.

When looking for a diamond, Carat should be used as a guideline but not the determining factor in your selection. Carat is not necessarily the best indication of how large a stone will appear, rather the measurements of the diamond are a more important reflection of “size”.

0.02 Ct 1.7mm
0.03 Ct 2.0mm
0.05 Ct 2.4mm
0.10 Ct 3.0mm
0.15 Ct 3.4mm
0.20 Ct 3.8mm
0.25 Ct 4.1mm
0.50 Ct 5.0mm
0.75 Ct 5.7mm
1.00 Ct 6.4mm
1.25 Ct 6.9mm
1.5 Ct 7.3mm
1.75 Ct 7.7mm
2.00 Ct 8.1mm
3.00 Ct 9.1mm
4.00 Ct 10.2mm
5.00 Ct 11.0mm

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Unlike a typical jewelry store or wholesale environment, we work with a network of diamond suppliers to seek out the perfect selection for you; rather than trying to sell a limited on-hand inventory of stones that may not match your preferences. This allows us to be picky for you and to search until we find the perfect diamond!