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2024 Ring Predictions

With each passing year there are noticeable trends in bridal engagement rings. Whether it's the rising popularity of a particular diamond shape, an abundance of rings being designed in a specific metal color, or brides looking to lean towards more traditional or trendy designs, we’ve seen it all and have our predictions made for what we anticipate will be the most popular rings for 2024!


As of late, we have seen our brides-to-be inquiring about elongated and rectangular shapes. Elongated shapes include marquise, oval, pear, emerald, and radiant cut diamonds. With an elongated shape the weight is distributed into the length of the stone, allowing for a longer appearance and more finger coverage. While it’s a truly classic and timeless shape, Emerald cut diamonds have definitely piqued the interest of our clients. Emerald cut diamonds offer a sophisticated yet eye-catching sparkle, and brides fall in love with how understated yet elegant the shape is.  On the other hand, Radiant cut diamonds have the same elongated shape as an emerald cut, but the internal facet pattern is different. They are brilliant cut and offer more sparkle and brilliance, also making this a very popular choice. We predict more requests for these beautiful elongated and rectangular shapes for our brides next year, like this Engagement Ring Setting With Trapz Side Stones and this 3.02ct Radiant Cut Double Pave Engagement Ring.

Metal Color

We design our engagement rings in several metal color options. This includes Platinum, 18K Yellow Gold, and 18K Rose gold, and sometimes a combination of two tones. In the case that a client might prefer the color of yellow or rose but wants optimal brightness of the center stone we would create a design with a rose or yellow gold band and then a platinum basket or prongs for the center stone so that the white metal is reflecting into the diamond. More often we are seeing our brides opt for a yellow gold engagement ring. While this is considered popular right now, we predict that our brides will return to the more classic Platinum tones in 2024, while incorporating more trendy design elements, like a bezel setting, seen in this 2.70ct Emerald Shape with Solitaire Bezel Setting Engagement Ring


More bold gold setting designs! We’re seeing more clients request chunky gold in their ring design, whether it’s designing a thicker band, or opting for a unique setting style like our Button design, the modern bride is looking to make a statement with her engagement ring.

Stephanie celebrated her 10 year wedding anniversary with her husband Brett early last year, and he upgraded her round brilliant diamond with a custom design from a collection that came to be the most popular collection of 2023, The Button Collection. 

The Button Collection offers a truly distinctive setting style with a row of pave diamonds around the center stone nestled into a bold gold frame. We have created this ring design for many different diamond shapes and gemstones, and even for heirlooms stones from clients looking to revamp their current collections. We predict more variations of this bold gold style to come to life in the next year!

Shop our 2.02ct Round Diamond Button Engagement Ring