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The Slider Ring™

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This listing is for the purchase of charms only. Individual charm pricing does not include a bangle. The bangle shown here is for a preview of your layout. To purchase the slider bangle, please click here

SG Fine

The Slider Ring™

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This unique SG design, The Slider Ring can be customized to feature your choice of letters, numbers, symbols, or fancy shape diamond charms. Personalize The Slider Ring with your children's names, initials, or birthdays, a special anniversary, or any of your favorite mantras! 

  • Available in 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Black Rhodium
  • The Slider Ring™ can accommodate up to 17 Slider Ring Charms.
  • Band width = approx 5.5mm
  • Please note The Slider Ring™ Charms are not interchangeable with The Slider Pendant™ and The Slider Bangle™. Charms can be added to the Slider Ring after the initial purchase, however, the ring must be sent back to Stephanie Gottlieb to do so. There is a $50 service fee to have the ring sent back and additional charms added
  • A preselected number of gold bars will come in The Slider Ring depending on how many charms you add
  • Each ring has the same amount of sliding room regardless of ring size or amount of charms
  • Please contact us for custom sizes, layout, or charm requests
  • The Slider Ring™ can accommodate up to 17 Slider Ring Charms based on the following: 
    • Fancy only = 10 total fancy charms
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems Only Slider Ring = 17 total charms
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 1 Fancies = 16 Letters/Numbers/Gems; 1 Fancy
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 2 Fancies = 14 Letters/Numbers/Gems; 2 Fancies
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 3 Fancies = 12 Letters/Numbers/Gems; 3 Fancies
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 4 Fancies = 10 Letters/Numbers/Gems; 4 Fancies
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 5 Fancies = 8 Letters/Numbers/Gems;  5 Fancies
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 6 Fancies = 6 Letters/Numbers/Gems;  6 Fancies
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 7 Fancies = 4 Letters/Numbers/Gems;  7 Fancies
    • Letters/Numbers/Gems + 8 Fancies = 2 Letters/Numbers/Gems;  8 Fancies
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The Slider Bangle™ is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. To extend the life of your jewelry, please follow these care instructions:

  • Take off your jewelry before your daily rituals such as - showering, applying lotion, perfume, exercising, washing dishes, etc.
  • Before bedtime, lay your jewelry out flat on a fabric surface to avoid tangling and/or scratching.
  • To clean your jewelry, use a soft toothbrush with dish soap and gently scrub the metal and diamonds. We do not suggest an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Do not clean any semi precious gemstones or pearls with chemicals, abrasives, or solvents.

Some items may be in stock and available to ship immediately. If the item is not in stock, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

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